Thursday, August 04, 2005

I saw these two bumper stickers on a car this morning. Not that Sum 41 is necessarily incompatible with Catholicism or anything, (well, actually, I wouldn't really know), and it isn't as good a combo as a Marilyn Manson sticker next to a Jesus fish, but I still appreciated the incongruity of it.

Since people's bumper sticker collections tend to boringly reflect a theme, (Oh, so you love George W. Bush, you'd prefer that I Buy American and you have a decal of Calvin peeing on Osama Bin Laden? Hmm, that really makes me think), when I am Queen people will be required to have completely contradictory sets of statements on their cars, purely for my amusement. A few Royal Suggestions:
  • Bowlers Do It In The Alley & Yale University Alumni Association
  • I Can't Even Think Straight & I'm A Civil War Reenactor
  • My Child Is an Honor Student & We're A Home School Family
  • One Day at a Time & Pi Kappa Alpha

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