Friday, August 19, 2005

But Nina, I fear change!

Yes, I have changed the appearance of the blog. Why? Because it was kind of hard to read, and I am still operating under the illusion that It's All About Me, Anyway will be widely-read any day now, and the more accessible to the soon-to-adore-me masses, the better. That's why. Also, the dark background distorted some of the fantastic, whizz-bang special effects (read: font colors) I had dreamed up, and that just wouldn't do.

So, I am fantastically bored today. Fantastically! I am trying to will myself into sickness so I can have a decent reason to go home early, but I think that's kind of wrong, so I'll see if I can stick it out until 5.

In scouring the news, here is what I have an opinion on today:

HEADLINE: Kanye West Says Rap is Too Homophobic
OPINION: First thought = Duh. Second thought = I have to go buy a Kanye West CD. Good for him, though, really. Of course, it just means everyone's now going to say that he's gay, but that's because everyone is an idiot. But I'm sure he realizes that, so it is a bit brave of him. It's sad that simply saying that rap is homophobic should be brave, but it is.

HEADLINE: British TV Movie Features the Queen's Sister Doing Drugs and Having Sex
OPINION: British TV really is better.

HEADLINE: American Idol Dropout Signs Record Deal
OPINION: Does anyone else think Mario Vasquez looks like Justin Timberlake dipped in a bucket of Hispanic? I'm not saying that's a good thing.

HEADLINE: Kansas Girl Killed While Taking Photo With Tiger
OPINION: I hate to be Captain Obvious, but, um, it's a damn tiger. It kills stuff and eats it. That's what thousands of years of evolution have led it to do, not pose for photos. Have we learned nothing from Roy, people?

Okay, an hour and fifteen left...

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