Monday, February 27, 2006

your call will be answered in the order in which it was received

Dear loyal fan,

We here at It's All About Me, Anyway are fully aware of the non-update situation, and we apologize for the inconvenience. It's just that our time has been diverted into other avenues lately.

For instance, we had a brief case of Olympic Fever, contracted during the craptastic Opening Ceremonies and later cured when we realized the biathlon consisted of skiing and the same time. We attempted to manifest our inner gay man and get all up into the figure skating, but we just couldn't get past the outfits. And frankly, when we were promised that Bode Miller would drunkenly ski his way to Olympic glory and it didn't happen, a little part of us died. We now look forward to the Summer Olympics in 2008, when the gymnastics competition will reaffirm our belief that tiny people can indeed fly.

Additionally, our DVR situation has gotten critical. We now fully grasp the joys of watching American Idol without commercials, and therefore save up all episodes until the weekend, when we watch them back-to-back while eating Doritos and yelling at the screen. For the record, we are entirely thrilled that Hot Twin Who Couldn't Sing For Shit was voted off. It's not that we don't appreciate fame whores, we just don't want to listen to them butcher Patti Smith.

We have also been experiencing technical difficulties, as we have recently become loathe to post from work. Although we are careful never to post about work itself, (and we do appreciate your cooperation in not letting slip our CIA codename), it is entirely conceivable that this could "look bad," and we want to be universally liked and not fired, so we'll just leave it at that.

So, between television shows live and recorded, and the reluctance to use our day jobs inappropriately, It's All About Me, Anyway has regrettably suffered. But we have not forgotten about you, loyal reader. No, we have you in mind every time pimply boy from class says something stupid, or Flavor Flav tongues a trannie. We care about you, and do not want to post on just any old thing, but only on topics of interest and amusement, and those don't pop up all the time.

So just remember, it's not you -- it's us.

Keep the faith.

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Anonymous said...

COME BACK!!! I miss you!! I need my Nina-fixes more often than once/month.