Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So, Here We Are

I have decided to start a blog, and here are my reasons:

  1. I am entirely obsessed with myself/live inside my head/have a doctored-ordered need to externalize.
  2. Why the hell not?
  3. I am funny, opinionated and a good writer. These are facts. Shut up.
  4. While I may lack the self-confidence and smokin’ hot bod to move to Hollywood and become the celebrity I was clearly destined to be, I do have a computer. Therefore, I can use this medium to indulge my fantasy of self-importance.
  5. I am often so bored at work that I contemplate, (and sometimes enact), major life changes, and making major life changes should not be a hobby.
  6. I am writer who does not write. Well, I write at work, but the window of creativity in which I operate there is smaller than… something really small. Just the fact that I cannot think of something really small with which to describe said window is proof that I am stifled.

So, I have high hopes for this thing. I believe it will start me on the road to writing the Great American Novel, or gaining me the fame that will inevitably lead to my being that sparkling, amusing and beautiful talk-show guest I have already been so many times in my head, or perhaps it will just fill up my free time in a mildly amusing way. Whichever.

Here we go.


emve said...

Well - welcome to the great new you! Just so you know it, you will from now on be responsible for all my entertainment...

Thom said...

Dear "It's All About Me, Anyway",

I am a blog skeptic, but your posts were entertaining. I also liked the excellent links, especially to the "Billy Bass" at I am going to purchase one and place it in my rec room.

A+, keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, I am not so technologically handi-capped (see fairly recent August Post) that I can comment on your blog! Ah, we have so much in common. Unfortunately I lack the witticisms you possess to articulate my myriad feelings about celebrity, fish, drugs, eminem, e-bay, and the like. But that's why we're friends. You can speak for me any day of the week.
Oodles of toodles,
Obedience (OBD)