Friday, July 29, 2005

Mom, Dad...I'd like you to meet Eeyore

I just found this eBay posting, where this guy is asking for people to donate $1 to him. He's hoping 10,000 people will play along, thereby netting him $10,000, (see, I can do math), with which to pay his bills. (He claims he'll give the leftovers to charity.) This jackass is quite possibly my soulmate, as he seems to honestly believe that this just might work. How enterprising and selfish! How endearing and annoying! How delightfully wacky and just a little bit sleazy!

Our life together will be funded entirely by this winning combination of charity, pity and "oh what the hell it's only a dollar" finance. We will buy a fine home, take lavish vacations, eat at the best restaurants, and send our kids to college all with one donated dollar at a time.

My dad is actually going to be relieved.

And yes, I just sent him a dollar.

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Anonymous said...

If only the Boss knew how we spend our days.....writing sarcastic blogs and finding pictures online to go with our story! Ah, what a job!