Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm so excited! I'm so...scared!

Happy 33rd birthday, Elizabeth Berkley!



Okay, I fully realize that making note of the Jessie-Spano-to-Nomi-Malone transformation is old hat at this point, but as this woman starred in two of the most craptastic pieces of entertainment of my formative years, and as it really is her birthday today, I couldn't help myself. Besides, she's a totally legit actress now. In fact, I recently saw her on an episode of Without a Trace, (which is ironically exactly how you'd describe her career), where she played the "after"-version of a woman on a Swan-like reality series. I'm telling you, she was entirely believable as a fake human being.


sarah052584 said...

I remember that episode! How could anyone forget? It's when she was addicted to caffeine pills!

sarah052584 said...

oh yeah!

Brian04 said...

She stinks.